The UX and UI feedback and test platform

Uitrial provides powerful tools for testing,
showcasing and understanding UI/UX prototypes.
Seamlessly integrate your Figma* prototypes,
including all transitions and animations. Set a path and goal, and see how the community interacts with it.
Obtain valuable and actionable information about your prototype. Use a combination of tools: detailed click data, heatmaps, paths, and much more to boost your design workflow.

Make the right decisions before commiting to develop.
Uitrial is your interactive portfolio: Showcase
much more than just images. Share a link to a profile page with all your great prototypes.
Uitrial is supported and observed by thousands of designers of all levels and other interested professionals: product and project managers, developers, and studios. Many of them helped shape Uitrial.
*During Uitrial alpha we plan to add integrations with Invision and Sketch.
Currently, only Figma is fully supported.