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Marley Lee
Marley Lee

I played a game and then easily got 20$ to my credit card!!!

How to start earning by playing games?

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Fill in a short form, specify your interests and create your player profile.

2 minutes
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Play the game

Follow our instructions to play games and share your opinion about them.

10 mins > 45 minute sessions
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Get paid

Earn real money and get paid to your card.

$10 > $30 per session

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Why do we pay you for playing games?

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We improve games and reward you

Game developers collect player opinions, analyze their behavior to be able to improve their games for other players. They reward players for their time and effort.

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Screen recordings help us understand how you play

Screen recording and voice comments help us recognize the difficulties players are facing and their opinions about a certain game.


Be confident with our privacy and security

We don’t share videos or your personal information publicly. Only our researchers have access to your recordings as per our privacy policy and terms of service.

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Why do you pay people to play games?
Why do I need to record the gameplay?
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